Why Video?

Moving Beyond Still Imagery for Marketing

When a viewer sees a video, rather than a static picture, they are instantly more engaged in the content because it is so dynamic. Using videos to represent your company is what we like to call Video Branding. Video branding allows you to present the story of your company in an interesting way in a format made to be enjoyed easily and readily online. Video branding offers the power to go behind the scenes to share insights into your company and its employees. This method of humanizing your brand lays the necessary foundation for achieving brand loyalty translating into an improved ROI (Return On Investment). Video is the most cost-efficient way to quickly define your brand to customers and clients and differentiate from the competition.

Video marketing gives you the opportunity to establish a level of trust that the still image was never able to achieve as you invite customers and clients into your world using the power of digital storytelling. To add, video marketing has become necessary to effectively compete online. Even Google’s newest algorithm highly favors video, making it the best choice for healthy SEO.

How Different Industries Use Videos in their Marketing Strategies:

Food & Beverage Introduce customers and clients to your brand via company interviews, hospitality establishment or product production process tours, background on your company history and customer experiences. Liquid splashing and steaming hot plates are a sure-fire way to catch the eye of consumers.

Real Estate Differentiate yourself or your brokerage in the competitive world of real estate with in-depth, detailed property tours, informational videos and an up-close and personal interview introducing yourself and your services.

Fashion Brand your fashion line or retail store by creating an emotional connection, establishing or reinforcing your lifestyle message or providing the back story for your current catalog or campaign. Take viewers behind the scenes into your design studio, showroom, production facility or even “front row” at your latest fashion show.

Beauty Bring viewers into the world of your beauty products, spa or salon services with a facility tour, how-to videos, product or service demonstrations.

Health & Fitness Share your company culture in the health and fitness industry and establish trust with video marketing methods such as sharing customer testimonials, featuring actual workout sessions and giving facility tours. Transparency is key for competing in the health and wellness product industry. Let customers inside the doors of your company and supply chain to show that your product claims truly do match up with your offerings.